Elevation of the soul – Aiding the deceased

Elevation of the soul – Aiding the deceased

When someone passes away, it is true that he is no longer here with us in this world. However, his soul continues to exist forever, there – in the World to Come. 
When the soul ascends, it is judged in the World of Truth, and there it requires many merits so that it will have its sins wiped out and rise to a better level. 
Here in This World, we can do things for it and help the soul, give it what it cannot do for itself, and this is through actions and good deeds for the elevation of the soul.

How can we help the deceased?

Good deeds for the elevation of the soul
The holy Zohar writes that when a son adopts a good and honest path, people praise his father and mother who merited such a child. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is happy with his good deeds, and in his merit He has mercy on his father and seats him on His Holy Throne. And the Pele Yoetz wrote: “The most important part of honoring, is to honor him after his death, and whatever is in his power to do to give his parents pleasure, he should do.”

Kaddish and learning mishnayos for elevation of the soul
The Shlah Hakadosh says that Mishna משנה has the same letters as neshamah [soul] נשמה, and the deceased has great benefit from the learning of mishnayos that help the soul, and raise it to a higher place. Likewise, regarding saying Kaddish: A Kaddish prayer said in public gives a son the power to take his father and mother out of Gehinnom, and bring them into Gan Eden.

Elevation of the Soul – On the Yartzheit
According to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu in Tzror Hachayim, “The soul waits for people to come to the grave on the anniversary of his death. Therefore a person should make an effort to do so, even if it means a long journey and even if a person will learn less Torah.” It is customary to light a candle at the grave, because ““A man’s soul is the light of the L-rd”. Also, after leaving the cemetery, it is customary to distribute refreshments so that people will make the blessings of mezonos (for cake/ cookies), ha’etz (for fruit), ha’adamah (for vegetables), and shehakol (foods not originating from produce that grows in the earth) – for the elevation of the deceased’s soul. The yartzheit customs should be well-observed, since on that day the soul rises to the next level.

Elevation of the soul through Torah study
The mitzvah of Torah study is equivalent in value to all the mitzvot (religious Jewish tenets), and by studying Torah to elevate the soul, we perform eternal kindness to that soul, and the merit of the Torah study elevates it to a high level in Heaven. 

If you wish to help your loved one’s soul, and give him the greatest possible gift, contact Agudas Achim Anshei America Yerushalayim, and for a donation of 1200$, they will elevate the soul in the best possible manner with everything that can help the soul and elevate it to a higher level. A minyan of important G-d fearing Torah scholars will visit the grave of your dear one on the yartzheit [anniversary of the person’s death], light a candle at his grave, recite Kaddish, and learn mishnayos for the elevation of his soul, make a commemoration and study Torah in his memory, hold a tikkun [rectification ceremony] for his soul and read chapters of Psalms with refreshments and blessings for the elevation of his soul. 

This is the most precious gift you in This World can give to your dear ones of blessed memory who are in the Next World.

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